Road tax cards

DSV provides European Road tax cards at attractive prices.


  • Invoice twice each month covering all road tax transactions means less administration and fast information
  • VAT refund
  • Discounts (vary by country)

Where to use what:

France  Toll Box 
Toll Box 
Portugal  Toll Box 
Italy  VIA card 
Austria  Go-Box & Tolls Card 
Switzerland  Tolls Card 
Germany  Tolls Card 
Czechia  Premid & Tolls Card 
Slovenia  Tolls Card 
Poland  ViaBox & Tolls Card 
Norway  Brobizz 
Sweden  Tolls Card 
Denmark  Tolls Card 
Belgium  Toll Box & Tolls Card 
Luxembourg  Tolls Card 
Netherlands  Tolls Card 


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